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ROOF ASSET MANAGEMENT Information is the most important tool a building owner can have to protect their commercial roofing asset. As the saying goes– knowledge is power! Knowing the current condition, warranty expiration details, and when it was last worked on can help you proactively manage your roofing system while ensuring it has a maximum […]


LIGHTNING PROTECTION SOLUTIONS Safeguard Your Commercial Property from a Costly Lightning Strike. Each year, thousands of properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning. Lightning accounts for more than a third of one billion dollars in property damage annually in the U.S., with Florida experiencing the highest amount. Lightning is typically responsible for more deaths and […]


ROOF COATINGS As one of the premier Caribbean roof coating and repair companies, Covertite Roofing Bahamas specializes in a wide range of roof maintenance and repair services. Working across both residential and commercial properties in the state of Florida, if you’re looking for support with your roofing, you’ve come to the right place. Get Your […]


COMMERCIAL ROOF REPAIRS Roof leaks are more than just a nuisance – they can cause extensive damage to your home or business if left unattended. Roof leaks can result in rot, mold, and permanent structural damage to your building long before you notice a telltale spot on the wall or ceiling. If a roof leak […]


COMMERCIAL RE-ROOFING Safely Replace Your Roof with Minimal Interruptions to Operations. Maintaining your commercial roof in the Bahamas is critical. As a building owner or property manager, you cannot afford to have your operations disrupted. Even a couple of hours of downtime can mean thousands of lost sales, man-hours, and opportunities.That’s why at Covertite Roofing […]


NEW CONSTRUCTION ROOF INSTALLATION We can design and build commercial roofing systems from the ground up for your new construction projects. At Covertite Roofing Bahamas, we can design your new roof project from the ground up. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your existing structure and can custom design plans to fit your needs and […]